Blog Plans and Life Update

I’ve experienced a lot of bloggable moments both dolly and whatnot.

However, tight schedules forbade me to delve into my blogging journey smoothly

I have acquired three Takara Jenny Dolls. They are secondhand but I love them. I also bought a Little Pullip Dal Chibi Risa Sweet version. I photographed them but wasn’t satisfied so… I now also appreciate Barbies and Blythe more and more each day I look at their pictures. It’s so wonderful to create imagined world and characters with dolls! I believe that dolls are really an art medium and I hope that I can participate on that.

On the side note, I may or may not start a new blog. Maybe its the I-am-a-phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes syndrome I have or it goes deeper than that.

I plan to create a more wholesome content like all this bloggers I see on tumblr and wordpress and blogspot…

To create more interesting posts and lot of pictures. cute ones. and better grammar on my blog.

I want to have a blog so that my voice and individuality can be shared to others.

Although it is highly likely that this post is never read and will be lost in the annals of internet history and oblivion when the whole humanity becomes pastel-colored zombies.

PS. I love post-apocalyptic fiction now. I may write a pastel and pink clad doll collector that scavenge the wasteland for barbies and cute discarded toys. Haha

So Internet, prepare to be dominated by me. As I’m planning my new catchy-unique-sparkly blog name. Please wait until then…


My Very First Jenny Doll!!!

Hanging on the plush filled stall of my favorite thrift shop were barbie-sized dolls that blended well with the place.

thrift shop

They were showing signs of being preloved-tattered hair, stained bodies, and dirt. Nevertheless, I skimmed through the six dolls expecting something worth.


She’s not definitely a barbie, her hair was little bit sticky and is brown colored, her eyes are reminiscent those of the anime girls her purple iris and youthful face made me sure who she was…¬†She is a Jenny doll.

After much haggling, I got her and her light purple dress with tattered sleeves. Her body doesn’t look like a jenny and i presume she was rebodied with this one with sticky legs and other minor defects. Despite all that, I am happy that i got my very first jenny though not 100% that i never expected.

On Toothaches and Selling Toys

Afternoon after Dentist

The dentist was a nice person but I think stuff toys are nicer…

She(The dentist) gave me a sample of a toothpaste. I will keep it as remembrance of a painful tooth filling and cleaning.

Also, I never thought they have apparatus that dries the saliva of your mouth? If you ever try it, expect the uncomfortable feeling of dryness. Utter Dryness

Okay, so now I am selling toys both online and offline. The toys are sourced to my patron thrift toy shop.

All stuff you see on the pic(Except the beloved toothpaste)? They’re Sold, well… to be paid in partial basis. Haha

So umm, I am so blessed that I have a sideline(Stuff toy selling) that I have a passion for.

Thank you God for all thing that happened right now. (Even, to the painful dental visit)

Love with Chocolates,


P.S. < My FB shop

Go, take a look!!

“An Encounter with Fake Elsa!!” Doll Review

Say Hi Cheapo Elsa!


I know, One should not buy a Fake merchandise but…

She is AWESOME!!! This Elsa knock-off is a drop-dead cheap one to boot.

Her box is cheaply made. Priced at 90 Php!! As you can see


(Psst Olaf looks Cute!!)

She’s cheap plastic and pale white.

The faceup? Not very good.

The rooting of Hair is not well made. Making her look bald..

bald elsa. Yikes

She got braids though. I think rerooting her is best to do.

She got straight legs and can sit.

Her arms can be posed up, down, left, right. But her head? Only sidewards…

Let it goooo

I you buy her. Don’t expect too much. Afterall, she’s a fakie.

She’s a toy parents here ( who got little budget) give to their kids.

A substitute for expensive Frozen dolls a regular filipino kid can have.

Overall, I love her. I’ll give her to my sister.

I hope she’s gonna sing “Let it go!” when she receives this.

September Plush Collection. Hurrah!


All thrifted. Collection as of September 2014.

All thrifted. Collection as of September 2014.


Plushies always have a special place in my heart.

Being a kid, I did make believe adventures starring the stuffed toys gifted from abroad.

Plushies are innocent objects to play with.

First Post! I do love plushies. The ones on the picture?

They are just a small portion of my families’ entire collection of Stuffed Toys.

I really want to hug in my sleep the big Korilakkuma one. Just washed her Today!!

Plush collecting is awesome. And cheapish, a good thrifted plushie can be 2 dollars.

Like the big Korilakkuma, She’s just 1.48 USD. The powers of Haggling!